Online Basic Nutrition

Nutrition Counselling

Are you looking for nutrition advice that is simple, straightforward and suits your lifestyle?

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase energy levels, fuel an active lifestyle or improve overall wellness. Amanda can give you the tools you need to make healthy changes that stick! Through habit based approach to behavior change she is there to help, motivate and encourage every step of your journey.

Initial Consultation 60 mins – $190

We’ll begin with a nutrition assessment to discuss your health and wellness goals, current food intake, daily schedule, meal times, barriers to healthy eating, sleeping patterns, stress levels and mind set.

Based on your assessment, we’ll discuss personalized recommendations and strategies to help YOU achieve your health and wellness goals. This may include tips to build a healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, portion guidelines, meal timing suggestions, strategies to manage appetite, tips on mindful eating, as well as effective lifestyle modifications.

Following your appointment our recommendations will be emailed to you that was discussed, along with a comprehensive wellness plan and what the next steps will be to get you on the right path to your wellness journey.

Follow – Up Appointment 30 mins – $150

During your follow up appointment we’ll closely monitor your progress by setting goals, reviewing your food intake, and discussing any obstacles or challenges you are facing.

Follow up appointments are tailored to the needs of each client and may include additional resources and recommendations.

VIP Coaching 12 Weeks – $900

You will have your initial consultation outlined above. (1 hrs.)

We will meet virtually very 2 weeks for follow up appointments. Monitor progress, discuss obstacles and set new goals.(30 mins x6 )

In this kickstart program you will learn a lot about yourself. Certain habit patterns, how to correct the unwanted ones, and ultimately be on the path to achieving your goal!

Weekly lesson plans along with recipes build individually for you.

Weekly text/email check-ins


How to get Started with a Nutrition Program?

Send me an email at to discuss the programs and what will work best for you. Once we agree that this is the right path for you I send you a link to an online assessment form. This will help me understand you better with any health issues, goals and habits. We will then set up an Initial Consultation virtually to get started on your health journey.